Covered California is the premier health insurance marketplace in the state of California. Established in 2010 under the federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA), the exchange enables eligible individuals and small businesses to purchase private health insurance coverage at federally subsidized rates. 


BARÚ Advertising was awarded the account in January 2020, managing all Spanish-language integrated communications in partnership with DuncanChannon (Multicultural), and APartnership (API marketing). 


In 2020, Californians faced unbelievable challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic bringing the insecurity of personal healthcare coverage into sharp focus. 


BARÚ’s campaign directly identified and addressed issues related to cultural misconceptions and misinformation regarding Health Insurance. Profound and informative, yet relatable and easy to remember, the campaign aired across all channels. TV, Digital and Terrestrial Radio, Outdoor, and Print ads featured key enrollment information presented through personalized storytelling and catchy creative to effectively deliver Covered California messaging. The results were impressive, total enrollment levels surpassed established projections* (proprietary data, Covered California® 2020 Enrollment), significantly reduced the number of uninsured Californians and more importantly, helped many families in need secure quality Health Insurance in the midst of the pandemic.


Focused on the Latino Household decision makers, the creative speaks to key health issues, including mental health, with honesty, clarity and transparency. The multi-year campaign is currently in its second year and well on its way to helping more Hispanic uninsured families receive the healthcare they need and deserve!


Ladies and gentlemen, BARÚ Advertising is proud to present to you: Covered California.


TELEVISION · “Invisible” :30 · HM Dec 15

Es difícil tener una enfermedad invisible… como la depresión.


Nadie sabe que necesitas ayuda. 


Por eso Covered California quiere que nadie en California se sienta invisible por culpa de su enfermedad.


AVO: Con Covered California podrás obtener seguro médico de compañías de renombre aunque tengas una condición preexistente. Además te ofrecemos ayuda económica y cobertura integral que incluye salud mental, cuidado preventivo y más.


AVO: Covered California. 

Tu seguro médico empieza aquí.

SUPER + AVO: Inscríbete antes del 15 de diciembre.

It’s hard to have an invisible illness… like depression. 


No one knows you need help.


That's why Covered California wants no one in California to feel invisible because of their illness.


AVO: With Covered California you could get health insurance from brand name companies even if you have a preexisting condition. We also offer you financial help and comprehensive coverage that includes mental health, preventive care, and more.


AVO: Covered California. 

Your health insurance starts here.


SUPER + AVO: Enroll by December 15th.

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ENG: In sickness and in health



ENG: More financial help for more people

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ENG: 9 out of 10 got financial help for health insurance

We help you find a quality health plan. Plus, we are the only place that helps you lower the cost of your health coverage.

Your health insurance starts here.

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