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Vintners & Distillers

Allegro Cellars / Line39

Since 2018, we’ve partnered with O'Neill Vintners & Distillers, the seventh largest winery in California, creating innovative strategies and marketing campaigns for multicultural, and general market audiences for brands like Allego Cellars, Exitus and Line39 amongst others.


We had a big opportunity with Allegro Cellars, and we embraced it. Our partnership centered around owning the intersection of modern wine culture and the Hispanic Millennial lifestyle, with the overarching goal of creating a halo effect to influence the market in general.


BARÚ helped launch Allegro Cellars’ Moscato, Sweet Red and Spritzer by defining the role of the brand in the audience’s immersion into wine culture, creating a distinguished identity within O’Neill’s portfolio, and developing the go-to-market media strategy and creative.

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Allegro Cellars OOH POP_LAX-003014.jpg
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Creative and Strategy:

Our team helped unlock growth and encourage trial for Allegro Cellars’ products by building a brand for Hispanic wine drinkers that elevated culture and represented it authentically. Our team blended the best of both worlds to create this amazing new culture that everyone wants to be part of, and put Allegro Cellars at the center of the table.


Our creative team delivered one-of-a-kind key visuals and uniquely distinctive point of sale display that undoubtedly made Allegro the most attractive choice at the wine aisle. 


We also custom built Allegro Cellars’ website and OOH billboards that vibrantly represented the brand’s ethos and took into consideration cultural nuances and regionalities particular to the launch markets. 

Web Design and Development. 

Our team designed and developed a custom Ecommerce experience with store finder. 

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