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Planned Parenthood

Create awareness and drive usage of Chatea/Textea, a bilingual Sexual Health Resource for Hispanic teens and young adults that provides accurate and culturally competent sexual health information, connecting them to trained bilingual health educators via online instant message (chat) or text.

Chatea / Textea


Spanish-speaking teens and young adults are not getting consistent, comprehensive or accurate sex education in the languages they are most comfortable with. They can feel embarrassed to seek answers and may need help determining if they should see a medical professional. The pandemic also exacerbated these issues due to closures and the lack of familiarity with virtual telehealth.


Empower Hispanic teens and young adults to ask before the stakes get too high. From a cultural perspective, we positioned Chatea/Textea at the forefront of normalizing any topic, any subject and being a trusted and relatable solution for a myriad of sex ed needs, while maintaining privacy. 


Our creative platform Dilo Sin Pena (which translates to “say it without worry, shame or judgement”), enabled users to ask questions and get answers with ease and comfortability. 


Our media approach was to be present where our audience is most receptive. Our media included, Paid Social and Display initiatives, geo-targeting in 5 key DMAs, driving message awareness with audiences in all mindsets, as well as Search to intercept Hispanic audiences when searching for relevant terms.




The initiative helped deliver a 104% increase in chats since Chatea/Textea’s initial launch. In aggregate we delivered over 19M+ IMPs, 172K Search appearances and 17K visits to the Chatea/Textea site.

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