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Down to the details... 

Amazon Prime engaged BARÚ to take on the key art development for the film A Million Miles Away , starring Michael Peña.


We dug into the script, mining for cultural nuances that could be extracted to elevate the story and speak truly to Latino culture. Steered away from stereotypes and following the heart of the story, we fell in love with the idea of the Monarch Butterfly used in the script as a symbol of exploration, (im)migration, and determination. We have led the creative process, production/design, and delivery of all key art. 


The Monarchs travel nearly 3,000 miles from Canada and the US where they breed, to central Mexico in order to hibernate. Theirs is one of the most highly evolved migrations of any species.

The process started with creating sketches of the key art and exploring variations working hand in hand with the client making sure the messaging was just right for launch. See below to follow the journey. 

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